Brands turning plastic waste into high fashion

Brands turning plastic waste into high fashion

Plastic waste is dominating the headlines at the moment as it chokes our oceans and kills wildlife on a daily basis. If current rates of use continue, there could be more plastic than marine life in our seas before too long.

However, the tide is slowly turning, with people waking up to the fact that something needs to be done. There are many ways we can all do our part to reduce and reuse plastic, as this article from Friends of the Earth shows, and fashion is no exception.

Brands big and small

There are a range of great fashion brands recycling plastic into high fashion, from bracelets to maxi dresses.

Reformation is a brand that is using Econyl, a material made from old fishing nets, to produce a range of great and affordable clothes. If haute couture is more your style, Stella McCartney has also produced a range of clothes made from recycled plastic. The McCartney family has long been known for its eco credentials and passion for helping the environment.

However, if your budget does not stretch to high fashion prices, there are still plenty of options. For sports fans, Adidas has teamed up with Parley for Oceans to make a range of recycled plastic sports wear and trainers.

Paper London has followed suit with a really lovely range of swimwear, all made from the same Econyl material, so you can swim in the oceans safe in the knowledge you are also helping to protect them.

When it comes to accessories, brands such as Togetherband have produced a gorgeous range of friendship bracelets, all made from recycled plastic taken from the ocean.

We can all help

There is still a long way to go before we really tackle the plastic problem, and it will take more than just buying plastic-inspired clothing to do this. Every step can help, and the more awareness that can be raised, the better. It is so encouraging to see brands trying to make inroads into combatting plastic waste. Could all the maxi dresses on sites like one day be the product of recycling?

Brands turning plastic waste into high fashion
There is something for every taste and budget out there, and hopefully many more fashion brands will follow suit, especially if they think the consumer demand is there.